Life with lupus/auto immune disease

I was sick of waiting for the light to appear at the end of the tunnel….so I lit that bitch up myself!

This has become my new mantra!  You can’t wait for a miracle to change you or a magic pill to fix you.  You have to work at it a little bit everyday.  Figure out what works best for you!

Life with lupus…hmmmm how to begin?  Well, to put it in words my daughter would use, it sucks!  At first some people feel as though they are losing so much.  So much is being taken away.  Maybe you are scared, sad, angry?  How about all of the above?

Maybe you are like me?  I wasn’t afraid at all because it didn’t really sink in at first.  I hate to admit it but I was almost 2 years down the road before I had to admit to myself life was going to be a little different.  At first it really didn’t bother me because damn it I was going to eat well, exercise and laugh my way through it.  It was going to go away and then I would get on with my life.

If I had a bad day, it was only because I had eaten something that I shouldn’t have.  Or it was because I didn’t get enough rest.  I was stressed out that’s all.  There was always a reason and I blamed myself.  I had done something wrong to cause it.  I would spend the next day trying to analyze everything I did the day before.  This way I could make sure I didn’t do it again and I’d be fine.

I am writing this blog to share the tricks and tips that I have found useful over the last few years that helped me.  I do a lot of planning.  I am constantly making lists because lets face it, we forget everything!  I try to go easy on myself and show myself as much love and kindness as I can.  Finally I try to have as much fun as possible!


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